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Nature's Spa, Hot Springs National Park
We have a varied slate of shows this week with  33 all breed & three limited breed shows well dispersed around the country.

New Yorkers will have the option of going up state to Romulus NY for a quartet of all breed shows starting Thursday  hosted by the Elmira Kennel Club, the Onondaga Kennel Association, the Kanadasaga Kennel Club, & the Finger Lakes Kennel Club., or heading out to the Island (that would be Long Island) for a trio of shows beginning Friday from the Brookhaven Kennel Club, the Suffolk County Kennel Club, & the Westbury Kennel Association.

Head South to Virginia on Friday and you can partake of two all breed shows in Millwood VA sponsored by the Warrenton Kennel Club, followed by the Sunday offering of the Old Dominion Kennel Club Of Northern Virginia.  In central Tennessee, you can spend two days with the Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club in their hometown.  Great Lakes residents have their choice of  the Monroe Kennel Club two all breed shows preceded by the Terrier Club Of Michigan’s all Terrier fest on Friday in Monroe MI or the Rockford-Freeport Illinois Kennel Club’s two all breed shows in Freeport IL.

Toy Dog enthusiasts can hit Salina KS for Thursday’s Kansas Toy Dog Club  show and stay for three more all breed shows courtesy of the Wichita Kennel Club, the Hutchinson Kennel Club, & the Salina Kennel Club.  The Toy Dog Club Of Central Arkansas will also host a Toys only competition at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas on Friday followed by two all breed shows by the Hot Springs National Park Kennel Club. 

Out west the very ambitious Grand Valley Kennel Club will stage four all breed shows commencing Thursday in Grand Junction CO.  For a real Wild Wild West theme, try the Bonanza Kennel Club Of Carson City’s two shows in Carson City NV.  I-5 users can choose between a weekend with the Richland Kennel Club in Kennewick WA or one 1100 miles south with the Burbank Kennel Club in Van Nuys CA.

Finally, it’s always sunny in paradise and this weekend they have two dog shows hosted by the Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association in Honolulu HI.  To summarize you can catch the fall colors in Upstate New York or catch a wave on a Hawaiian beach while catching a glimpse of the beautiful purebred dogs at an AKC show.

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