Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


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As you may know by now there are no shows this coming weekend, but we do have four pivotal shows scheduled for the last week of the year.  San Mateo CA just south of San Francisco will be the site for the Oakland Kennel Club, the Santa Cruz Kennel Club,  the Kennel Club Of Salinas, & San Mateo Kennel Club’s equivalent of the Iowa Caucuses, four shows that have come to represent the last chance to grab an advantage in the national rankings.  The fun begins on Tuesday, the 28th and continues through New Year’s Eve.

Here’s our chart to let you know where everyone stands going into the Holidays.  You will note that the excitement isn’t just about who’s going to be Number One.  The bottom six dogs are all racing for a higher finish.   We will be here to pop the bubbly and tell you who finishes the year as Number One Dog All Breeds.

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